Selling through a marketplace is one of the first things that comes to mind when we want to start in the world of Ecommerce. It may even be possible if you already have an online store that you have also considered it, especially to reach new customers in new markets.

Both in one case and in the other, you already know the time, effort, dedication and knowledge that it takes to have an online store. Therefore, offering our products through a marketplace is presented as a very good alternative.

For users, the Marketplace represents more practicality, after all, you can see the offers of several sellers on the same website. In this way, it is possible to compare and choose the best price easily.

In turn, for merchants it is synonymous with collaboration. By advertising their products on a Marketplace, companies – whether large or small – gain more visibility and increase sales.

Companies also gain in reputation with the consumer. When a smaller and not so well-known store places its product on the Marketplace of a market giant, you manage to break down some purchase objections typically linked to lack of trust.